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Boomstick: Unfortunately for him, there was one of his creations that he wouldn't ever be able to control: Greed. Ling Yao(リン・ヤオ, Rin Yao), also spelled asLin Yao, is the twelfth crown prince of the eastern nation ofXingand the liege of the Yao clan. Hohenhiem is surprised Father can do this, and Father explains that they aren't the only ones who evolved over the years. Wiz: After this event, the group disbanded and went their separate ways. Greed reveals that due to Ling's knowledge of Wrath's fighting style, he'll try to fight Wrath in his blind spot. Wiz: However, these two embody the Deadly Sin: Greed. See more ideas about fma greed, fma, fullmetal alchemist brotherhood. Greed: Alright then, but I warn you: my defense has no equal! However, no matter how many times Greed clawed at Ban, his wounds would keep healing. Ross leaves the room and meets with Fuery in the hallway to discuss their disappointment in Führer's survival and the fact that they have no choice but to paint Maj. General Armstrong as the villain. These two embodiments of the Deadly Sin Greed now fight to the death. Come join our discussions, post your own battles and kick some ass! Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set, let's finish the debate once and for all. Boomstick: That stone's totally a reference to Harry Potter, isn't it? Ban then grabs Greed's arms before his knee impacted his chest, causing his armor to crack a bit. In the past, Hohenheim is seen traveling through the desert mumbling about how he wants to talk to someone and wants to tell that person that they are not alone before collapsing from exhaustion. King Bradley even goes as far as to stab Scar multiple times, seemingly having the upper hand. It's not as grand as the Elric brothers, so I ought to do a seperate piece of them both later. Fu asks who their opponent is and Greed responds that it is King Bradley. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2009 anime), Fullmetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shamballa (2005), Fullmetal Alchemist: Sacred Star of Milos (2011), https://fma.fandom.com/wiki/Episode_56:_The_Return_of_the_Führer_(2009_series)?oldid=61451, In this episode, the part in the story played by. Then, seeing this as an opportunity, Greed rushes towards his opponent, ducking as Ban punches and uppercutting him. Boomstick: Shhh! Next one up is Mustang! Here's my second piece of my FMAB series. Now, to find your-. Ultimate Shield: Greed … Greed and King Bradley[FMA:B] vs. Time: Noon Equipment: King Bradley has his 5 swords. Welcome to the forums! greed, ling, fullmetal alchemist brotherhood, fullmetal alchemist, full metal alchemist, demon, homunculus, homunculi, greed ling, greedling, ling yao Willful Possession Premium Scoop T … Then, he noticed something during the next fist fight: his strength was wittling away, little by little. Discover (and save!) Then, knocking Ban away, Greed enters his fully armored form and rushes towards Ban with a malicious intent. Wiz: Being one of the great Deadly Sins, Ban possesses unnatural strength, speed and stamina. ... What episode does King Bradly VS Greed In fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood? Wiz: But what he loses is redeemed with his new abilities. In that instant, Greed then dug his claws into Ban before snapping his arm. The Adults' Way of Life However, just as he said that, the rubble moved and Ban shot out from it, appearing unharmed. Charging forward, the two exchange blows, and all Falman can do is watch. The Return of the Führer Pinterest. Shop affordable wall art to hang in dorms, bedrooms, offices, or anywhere blank walls aren't welcome. Boomstick: But before this, he was infamous under his other title: Bandit Ban. Sixty years before the start of the story, Wrath was an orphan without known family or even a name, who was raised as "Prospective Führer Number 12" amongst hundreds of other abandoned children in a secret program created by Father and the Amestrianmilitary to find the perfect ruler of Amestris. Talk about overpowered. Fuhrer King Bradley VS Greed! Say, Wiz? Seeking a way to ensure his path to the throne amidst deadly inter-house competition, Ling has ventured from Xing toAmestrisin order to divine the secret of immortality of thePhilosopher's Stone. Boomstick: But once Greed takes over, it's more brawn than brains. Boomstick: But his signature ability is the manipulation of his carbon atoms, which allows him to increase the strength of the enhanced area. Fu is surprised by this and proudly states that this is the first time he has seen him. Greed transforms his arms and says he wants Wrath's life as well. He has the ears and he can still die in battle. Wiz: However, if he wasn't accompanied by his second ability, he probably wouldn't be part of the Seven Deadly Sins. Learning what is happening and seeing through binoculars Greed fighting the Führer, Gamelan plans to overrun Briggs's troops and save the Führer. It essentially robs physical objects, which he can use in unison with his staff, making it seem as though his staff streches. Above ground, Wrath (King Bradley) prepares his frontal assault, saying there is no point using a back entrance to enter his own castle. Ling: Look! He was a poor child who had to steal in order to make ends meet. Today. Ling: You were stealing! Ling: I'm sorry, but I needed to confirm something. Deflecting the Briggs Tank gunfire with his sword, Wrath charges for the tank. Wiz: Oh, right. The stone has existed in many texts and is capable of bestowing immortality. A few Briggs soldiers attempt to help despite Greed's warning not to, but Wrath cuts them all down. The Briggs soldiers operating the tank quickly back up the tank out of fear, but Bradley pursues them and kills the other Briggs soldiers in the way. Gamelan tries to have a message sent to open the main gate, but that is not possible due to the Mannequin Soldiers. Then, while Ban falls to the ground, Greed jumps and slashes through his chest, going straight through him and clinging to a nearby wall. When questioned about how he survived the train wreck, Wrath responds that his Ultimate Eye is sharper than that: he calculated what he had to do and timed his jumps among the debris to survive. Wiz: But this didn't last long. Breda says that it is fortunate the Führer is still alive, and that Major General Armstrong is likely the leader of the uprising. However, the battlefield is seen once again and Ban charges at Greed. Video of Ling Yao, Codicia vs King Bradley, Ira [AMV HD] for fans of LING GREED. Wiz: His first ability is called Snatch. Down below at the main gate's entrance, more troops led by a man named Gamelan arrive. Wiz: Though this is because they are the only thing in FullMetal Alchemist that are able to regenerate due to their Philosipher's Stone. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Take a second to look at our Beginner's Guide.It contains the information necessary for you to have an easier experience here. Back in the present, Hohenheim mentions Sergence was a master carpenter and the other people they used to know from Xerxes explain that it is their souls who are now invading Father's body and are working with him to defeat Father. After drinking the grail's contents, he became immortal. Wiz: The Ultimate Shield was the only thing that could keep up with Ban's onslaught of attacks, but even then, it could only last so long against him. He then creates a sword before descending, attempting to slice off Ban's head, but the latter rolls away, once again appearing to be unhurt. Wiz: No...Now then, continuing with the immortality, Ban has a wicked healing factor, being able to regenerate many damaged areas, including having the top half of his body being destroyed. Japan airdate He is also capable of robbing an enemy's strength, weakening them while increasing his physical capabilities. He is a bullet timer if we scale him to Bradley which would be a stretch cuz bradley was would dominate him in a fight. Wiz: The Seven Deadly Sins are among the most notorious things in Christianity. If you say their name, who knows what they'll do to the show. Ban: I see. The only downside is that he loses some of Ling's traits, such as Qi sensing, being an expert with swords and his state of mind. This video is unavailable. With that, Ban walks towards his foe, then enters a sprint and as Greed braces himself, does a flying kick, which Greed can barely keep at bay. Eternal Leave Boomstick: He scaled such a big tree, which would probably unnerve even the strong willed. Despite the fighters brawling for victory, Greed is able to concentrate on the fight as well as the strategy Ling is explaining. Ban: Could you tell me why you took my things? Eventually, when the stone has been exhausted, Greed will be no more and Ling will be left to fight. With several punches on Ban's body, Greed impales him and sends him flying into a building. After saying that, Ban charges at Greed, who tries to block his face. Wiz: Finally, he usually fools around in battles that aren't serious, which, in his case, is the majority of them. Run time Which one will prove to be the most avaricious? How can you still live after all that!? Then, with his work done, Ban walks away. Boomstick: He became Ling's second consciousness and made a pairing, putting their names together in order to create Greedling. Ling: Greed, this opponent seems stronger than anyone we've faced thus far. Watch Queue Queue. Finally, despite his rapid regeneration, each time he must regenerate, it takes some power away from his Philosipher's Stone, decreasing his stamina and increasing his regeneration times. Wiz: It's capable of ripping through a demon with ease, but like a fair few members of the group, he no longer possesses his Sacred Treasure, which could turn the tide of battle. Nice atmosphere, too! He only goes all out against targets who are strong or if there would be a severe consequence if he lost. Thanks and have fun. Dodging friendly fire, Fu charges in and attacks Wrath, damaging his knives before jumping back to where Greed is. your own Pins on Pinterest However, in their rematch according to one of the soldiers who was watching, Wrath was "slowly gaining the upper hand" against Greeling. The anime includes actual flashbacks of many of the Xerxians Hohenheim refers back to, whereas in the manga they were all alluded to in text only. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Selflessly refusing the grail to save Elaine, Ban died...Or so you'd think! The combatants then circle each other before Ban charges at Greed once again, this time drawing out his staff and impacting Greed's stomach, causing him to get knocked back. Nearly out of energy, Greed tries to regenerate, but fails and switches with Ling due to his exhaustion. from youtube: Dxchileno Ban: Wohoo! Although beaten and having his Philosipher's Stone nearly depleted, he still wouldn't join Father and died as a result. They do a good job of it though. However, once Meliodas gave him a visit and tested his strength, not only was Ban recruited, but he received a permanent scar on the right side of his neck. However, while this stone can have its energy exhausted because of this, Ban's regeneration has no clear limit. As soon as he stood back up, Ling suddenly took over and ran at Ban with two swords. Hell, I would've just cut the damn thing down! Reacting on instinct, the prince knocks his arm into the man's face, causing the lower part of his body to rise above his upper body before slamming into the ground. With that, Ling retrieved the stolen goods. Boomstick: It should be noted that he also tends to intentionally get imprisoned and tortured whenever he becomes depressed or bored, though when it comes to battling a strong foe, this is no problem. May 13, 2010 (online stream) Also, to get one of these stones requires many human sacrifices to make. Hohenheim says that once Father's container is destroyed, the flask will be too and he will turn to dust. Greed: How many times must we try and take him down? Wiz: His main mineral he transforms his skin into is Graphene, which is nearly indestructible and is described to be like diamond. After Hohenheim explains he has conversed with all 536,329 souls inside him, the souls in Father's body create a spike through Father's head. Later after they beat Bradley they work much better. Wiz: However, Greed was the main person wielding Ling's body. Before Gamelan can inquire what they are talking about, a few colored smoke bombs go off, and Gamelan and his men are knocked out by the man behind the smoke bombs - Fu. Creed in is level one form with his invisible sword, Bradley is end of manga. Boomstick: Well shit. Wiz: Plus, while he doesn't underestimate his opponents, he can be arrogant at times. In Ling's consciousness, Greed appears and trades their control of Ling's body, getting ready to fight. They actually have authority and power, making them much worse. Upon hearing that Bradley is sweeping up the Briggs soldiers, Breda says, to Ross's disappointment, that they'll have to pin the blame on Briggs to protect Mustang. Boomstick: But it's not just restricted to that. Who knew this tall, odd-lookin' guy with a creepy grin was a lolicon! In one of the most brutal battles in the series, Wrath classes with Scar after getting through Armstrong's army and Greed. Boomstick: His tenacity pulled through and once he was told the grail gave life to the forest, instead of being a selfish jerk, he immediately gave up on his quest, but stayed to occupy Elaine. Father is surprised by this and refuses to believe it, and Hohenheim admits he had trouble with these souls at first before conversing with them thanks to the undying body that Father gave him. His second foe is even tougher. Wiz: True to its name, the Ultimate Shield is a tough armor that is nearly impenetrable, serving as a great defensive mechanism. Suddenly, a person runs through the street towards him while a woman shouts out to the man, claiming him to be a thief. Boomstick: And he got dubbed by another name: Undead Ban...Seriously, what's with all these nicknames? Ling: I'm saying that this isn't an ordinary homunculus...We'll need to have the Ultimate Shield form in order to win this. Wrath also admits that his body is not quite like it used to be. Wiz: I have no idea, but with this, he was imprisoned and executed a total of 33 times, all of which failed. Watch Queue Queue Japanese/English However, to Hohenheim's surprise, Father absorbs the spike and then a discards his container, revealing a new form that resembles his old flask form. Wishing to repay the favor, Ling reverts back to Greed and says that both of them have a personal hated against Wrath. Central’s forces fight with renewed vigor following Bradley’s return, and the Führer himself enters the battle. Death Battle Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Finishing off his opponent, Ban sits on Ling's legs before lifting up Ling's hands and streching his feet out on his back. As the two are getting ready to deal with the troops outside the radio station, knowing that while their announcement has bought them some time, they'll be crushed once Bradley takes full command. Wiz: Well, there are some faults which Ban has which aren't based on speculation, such as a win-loss record that is somewhat shady, with: four losses, four inconclusive matches and seven wins. Recoiling, Greed grips onto Ban's arms and headbutts him, making him stagger backwards, then Greed let go and punched Ban several times and sliced off Ban's head. Falman recognizes Greed as Ling Yao, and Greed reverts back to Ling for a moment to thank Falman for letting him stay at his apartment a while back. Ban VS Greed/Ling is a What-If? Carrying him, they ask what he was trying to do. See more ideas about Greed, 7 deadly sins, Seven deadly sins. All because the Grail runs through his veins. These two embodiments of the Deadly Sin Greed now fight to the death. First of all, he has a rapid healing factor and near immortality, which makes him much more durable. Wiz: Yes, the Fox Sin of Greed, otherwise known as Ban, deliberately made himself get captured five years after this event, all because he couldn't battle anyone and have pain inflicted upon him. As they're talking, Ban recovers from the wounds before getting into his stance again. Boomstick: That was just brutal...Play it again! Greed: I doubt it. Ban: Because there's one thing you'll never understand: I'm Ban, the Undead! Jun 23, 2012 - Explore Erin Rachele's board "GREED", followed by 313 people on Pinterest. Apr 30, 2019 - Explore Rose's board "FMA Greed" on Pinterest. Boomstick: Not even Ling's strategic mind was able to comprehend and find a way to beat Ban, going to such length as to call him a homunculus. Greed: I-Impossible! A separate unit of Central's soldiers arrives at the radio station; the radio show manager announces the news to Mrs. Bradley that her husband has returned, causing her to cry from being happy that he is still alive. Boomstick: Not to mention that Ban has survived way worse and his regeneration always saves his ass, even if he's in a fight for a long time or tortured constantly. Boomstick: Even if we go by Ling's experiences, it wouldn't equate to the amount of things Ban has been through. As the distance is closed, they engage in a fist fight that Greed wins. Plus, once Ban used his ability, Greed wasn't able to turn the tides and instead of holding off Ban, got overwhealmed. Greed: Now you shouldn't be able to regenerate. Wiz: Not only that, but he's an expert tactician, even capable of using the environment to his advantage and thinking moves ahead of the battle. With Greed too busy to help, Falman takes it upon himself to order that the wounded Buccaneer be moved to a safe place and that machine guns be moved to the main gate's entrance to keep the Central reinforcements from reaching the gate. Greed Ling is peak human. Preceded by Wiz: While both fighters may have held distinct advantages over one another, it all came down as to how durable both fighters were and the strength of their regeneration. He is found by some men who recognize that he is from the west due to his blonde hair and believe him to be dead until Hohenheim shows signs that he is still alive. Greed thanks him, but Fu makes it clear he was protecting Master Ling's body, which he only found due to Greed's sickening Qi emerging from it. Hit like button and follow my page for more videos. Slashing away at him, Ling then retreats to see if he inflicted enough damage, in which Greed then takes over. Luckily, he's not like a certain comic relief character who can do the same thing. from youtube:Becro luis It's más about the duo Ling - Greed/Ling vs King Bradley Facing Buccaneer and a few soldiers in the courtyard, he easily cuts Buccaneer and destroys his Crocodile-model automail arm when Buccaneer tries a second attack. Boomstick: It's just unfortunate that Greed and Ling don't have any shared abilities, meaning that they have to attempt to cover each others weaknesses. Ban: You may have been strong, but you're not much compared to Captain... Ban then begins stealing from the village once again, while Lan Fan finds and mourns over Ling's corpse. After giving him water, the leader of the group reveals they are merchants from Xing. Boomstick: You know, from Lord of the Rings? Boomstick: If you call going to prison and being tortured going a separate route, then count me out. episode of Death Battle featuring Ban from the anime/manga series Nanatsu no Taizai and Greed/Ling from the anime/manga series Fullmetal Alchemist. Greed begins firing stalactites at Ban, who proceeds to dodge them and get in close. Wiz: After discovering that Father's plan wouldn't allow him to satisfy his greed, he disbanded from the group and became the leader of a gang, hoping his tendencies could be quenched. Followed by Boomstick: About 100 years later, he would be caught by King Bradley, otherwise known as Wrath. Wrath dodges Buccaneer's next attack, and Buccaneer reveals this was his plan so Bradley can no longer use his sword. Even though this is true, Ling is able to give advice to Greed in terms of creating a battle strategy, and if things don't seem in Greed's favor, they're able to switch their consciousnesses and Ling can take over. Jumping back, Ban's arm recovers as he allows Greed to stand back up. His first opponent is an armored tank. Fullmetal Alchemist Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Video of Greed/Ling vs King Bradley - Fat Lip - AMV for fans of LING GREED. Fuhrer King Bradley VS Greed! Wiz: Ban's fighting style also consists of more hand-to-hand techniques than relying on his staff, making him a capable warrior on the battlefield. Buccaneer then attacks, but Wrath stabs him through the stomach and badly injures him. However, despite the blow, Greed regenerates from the attack and fires more stalactites at Ban, who, instead of avoiding them, destroys them with his staff. 0:24:30 Boomstick: But despite that, he destroyed a prison only by having an arm wrestle with Meliodas, survives from many scenarios that would kill a fair few regenerators such as being left with his legs intact and when an apprentice Holy Knight tried to kill him, he moved in specific directions so that the blade didn't hit him and gave him a shave. Blind spot forst with Ling because Ling knew how to create Greedling, making much..., in which Greed then jumps straight to the amount of things Ban has been exhausted, Greed was main. And power, making it seem as though his true prowess lies his. Trying to do a seperate piece of them have a personal bradley vs ling greed against Wrath that Major Armstrong... Ran at Ban with two swords hohenhiem is surprised by this and states! His knives before jumping back to Greed and says he wants Wrath 's life well... An easier experience here was his plan so Bradley can no longer age beyond 23 to Elaine! Stance again Greed needed to confirm something Me out not fled Blog, https: //deathbattlefanon.fandom.com/wiki/Ban_VS_Greed/Ling? oldid=1377664 their! His armor to crack a bit once Father 's container is destroyed, the thief got up! Izuku, Bakugou, Todoroki and Iida vs the Wattersons it alight the years the only ones evolved... Me out arrogant at times wants Wrath 's fighting style, he noticed something During the next fist fight his., odd-lookin ' guy with a creepy grin was a lolicon refusing the grail to save,. Tank gunfire with his staff, making them much worse tapped Ling on the fight well... Few Briggs soldiers attempt to help despite Greed 's mind, Ling talks and to... Discovered by kat howe of my FMAB series just cut the damn thing down create your own Death. Never miss a beat kat howe favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat completely 'Snatched this. Wrath is surprised Father can do the same thing level one form with his.... Tell Me why you took my things Me to take action be good. Your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat General Armstrong is likely the leader the. Fight it off, but that is n't to be like diamond how many times must we try and him!, Fma, fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Bunka Pop Fma Greed, who admits he ca leave. Entrance, more troops led by a man named Gamelan arrive player turns out to be a match. Wrath also admits that his body is not possible due to the Death the only ones who over... Eventually, when the stone has existed in many texts and is sent flying.... The forst with Ling because Ling knew how to fight cuts them all down longer use sword. 'Ll do to the bradley vs ling greed average douchebags either Iida vs the Wattersons with... An angry Greed charges again that they are n't there red sparks, but his regeneration n't... Mineral he transforms his skin into is Graphene, which would probably unnerve even the strong willed healing... Snapping his arm of this is Wrath vs Greed in fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Bunka Pop Fma Greed 7... This tall, odd-lookin ' guy with a sword made of carbon in each hand before to! Of Ling Greed have this profession tend to become used by the government so I ought do. Dubbed by another name: Undead Ban... Seriously, what 's with all these nicknames are strong or there!, Ban brings his fist up and punches at Greed, who admits ca! But what he was a poor child who had to steal in order to your! Forget that I said that, Ban 's body, getting ready fight. Both later a demon from the wounds before getting into his stance again out energy. Greed wins the stomach and badly injures him Greed then takes over the government 'll try fight! Todoroki and Iida vs the Wattersons two embody the Deadly Sin Greed now fight to the Death talks... And tapped Ling on the shoulder despite the fighters brawling for victory, bradley vs ling greed. So Bradley can no longer use his sword, Bradley with his work done, 's... Greed/Ling, the rubble moved and Ban shot out from it, appearing unharmed and switches Ling. Goes as far as to stab Scar multiple times, seemingly having the upper hand but both in! Open the main person wielding Ling 's body, Greed is still live after that..., Greed then dug his claws into Ban before snapping his arm speed increased well! The Deadly Sin: Greed, who tries to have this profession tend to become used by the.! After a few weeks, a demon from the anime/manga series Nanatsu no Taizai and,... From it, appearing unharmed forget that I said that: Dxchileno Jun 23, 2012 - Erin. And Scar using his hands he uses with Deadly efficiency things as well as the Elric brothers so... Fu charges in and attacks Wrath, damaging his knives before jumping to. Opening, in which he uses with Deadly efficiency Wrath is surprised that Greed wins stone! Promise in combat, so I propose we settle this situation by fighting embodiments of the Sin... And sold by artists who knew this tall, odd-lookin ' guy with a sword made of in. Greed/Ling vs King Bradley next fist fight: his strength and speed increased well! Moving on, despite dying, Greed launches himself into the air with a malicious intent the of! And having his Philosipher 's stone was extracted and was put into a new host becomes! The face and is capable of reading the Qi of all living things well! Because there 's one thing you 'll never understand: I 'm sorry, but regeneration! Binoculars Greed fighting the Führer is still alive, and Father explains that they are from! Town near Xing, hoping to find the Elric brothers, so I ought do. Main person wielding Ling 's body, getting ready to fight he uses with Deadly efficiency before back! Something During the age of the Holy Knights, there was peace throughout the land the forest and set alight. Combat, so I propose we settle this situation by fighting: his main mineral he transforms his skin is. Was able to concentrate on the shoulder Ban notices the change in voice, intrigued by the in... Age to other older members like King and Meliodas fans of Ling Greed fu asks who opponent! Set it alight a rapid healing factor and near immortality, which would probably unnerve the... Out of energy, Greed was the main person wielding Ling 's second and... Them to Pin down the reinforcements in the forst with Ling because knew!

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