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the utah expedition

The regiment of dragoons was detailed to guard them. In view of these facts, Mr. Buchanan determined to supersede Brigham Young in the office of Governor, and to send to Utah a strong military force to sustain the new appointee in the exercise of his authority. This correspondence was now abruptly terminated by Colonel Johnston. Meanwhile, how hearts were heating in the States with anxious apprehension for the safety of kindred and friends, those who felt that anxiety, and not those who were the objects of it, best know. In the lull which succeeded the election, Mr. Buchanan had leisure, at Wheatland, to draft a programme for his incoming administration. To understand the movements which followed, it is necessary to describe briefly the topography of the country between Green River and the Great Salt Lake. They built great pavilions, decorated them with colors and stacks of arms, and danced as merrily on Christmas and New Year’s Eves to the music of the regimental hands, as if they had been in cozy cantonments, instead of in a camp of fluttering canvas, more than seven thousand feet above the level of the sea. Brigham Young, still acting as governor, declared martial law and deployed the Nauvoo Legion to delay the troops with "scorched earth" tactics. The 10- to 12-foot steel object was first discovered by the Utah Department of Public Safety during a sheep-counting expedition in the Utah desert on November 18th. The Mormons nicknamed them jackass cavalry. During the summer of 1855, he led a battalion overland, wintering in Salt Lake City. An Indian lodge had evidently been the model of the inventor. Thus the long and dreary winter commenced in the camp of the army of Utah. The Move South won media sympathy, but it also disrupted Latter-day Saint community and religious life and did little to increase the toleration for Mormon differences from mainstream American ideas and institutions. It could be seen as persecution … In April, 1857, before the snow had begun to melt on the mountains, all of them, in a party led by Surveyor-General Burr, were on their way to the States, happy in having escaped with life. The Utah Expedition. Search for Library Items Search for Lists Search for Contacts Search for a Library. THE UTAH EXPEDITION. On the day of Captain Marcy’s departure, Governor Cumming issued a proclamation, declaring the Territory to be in a state of rebellion, and commanding the traitors to lay down their arms and return to their homes. The Mormon religion was free to run its own course and develop whatever elements it possessed of good and evil. The whole camp, at this time, was a scene of confusion and bustle. It delayed, but did not prevent, the installation of Governor Alfred Cumming, and it had a significant impact on the territory, its predominantly Latter-day Saint inhabitants, and the Church itself. February 26, 1858.--Referred to the Committee on territories by United States. Utah expedition, 1857-1858. The Utah Expedition provides tremendous insight into the employment of Mission Command by two opposing forces, the US Army and the Nauvoo Legion. Their voyage covered more than 8,000 miles in less than two-and-a-half years. The Utah question, grave though it was, was forgotten in the excitement concerning Kansas, or remembered only by the Republican party, as enabling them to stigmatize more pungently the political theories of the Illinois Senator, by coupling polygamy and slavery, “twin relics of barbarism,” in the resolution of their Philadelphia Platform against Squatter Sovereignty. Their only exploit was the capture of a Mormon major and his adjutant, on whose person were found orders issued by D. H. Wells, the Commanding General of the Nauvoo Legion, to the various detachments of marauders, directing them to burn the whole country before the army and on its flanks, to keep it from sleep by night surprises, to stampede its animals and set fire to its trains, to blockade the road by felling trees and destroying river-fords, but to take no life. John Cradlebaugh, of Nevada, on the admission of Utah as a state; delivered in the House of Representatives, February 7, 1863 by: Cradlebaugh, John Published: (1863) From the early days of Joseph Smith, his disciples have never minced their language, and they expended their whole vocabulary now on such themes as have been cited, proving, to the satisfaction of everybody, that, in respect to the judiciary, they had indeed had just cause for complaint. On this occasion, the celebration was held in Cottonwood Cañon, one of the wildest and grandest gorges among the Wahsatch Mountains, opening at the foot of the Twin Peaks, about twenty miles southeast from Salt Lake City. Link Copied. The opening at the top caused a draught, by means of which a fire could be kept up beneath the tripod without choking the inmates with smoke. BYU Studies 29 (Fall 1989):65-88. Its convicts were received by Colonel Johnston and committed to imprisonment in the guard-tents of the army. The loss of three trains more would reduce the troops to the verge of starvation before spring, in case of inability to reach Salt Lake Valley. April 1859 Issue. Attached to this, the canvas sloped to the ground, forming a tent in the shape of a regular cone. As for the LDS community in Utah, the exertions and expenditures strained both capital and morale. About the middle of January a new growth is developed underneath the snow, forcing off the old dry blade that ripened and shed its seed the previous summer. On the succeeding Sundays the spirit of rebellion was breathed from the pulpit in language yet more intemperate, and often profane and obscene. Soon the refugees returned home; the Utah War was over. On the 27th of September, two bands of mounted men moved towards the farm from the neighboring towns of Springville and Payson. The Colonel, anticipating a change of encampment, determined not to construct quarters of logs or sod for the army. The National Park Service invites you to explore stories, places, and the people involved in Lewis & Clark Expedition. In the Endowment House at Salt Lake City, secret rites are practised of a character similar to the mysteries of the Nile, and presided over by Young and Kimball, two Vermont Yankees, with all the solemnity of priests of Isis and Osiris. March of the Utah Expedition from Fort Bridger to Fort Leavenworth /by Jesse Augustus Gove, 1861. When President James Buchanan decided to flex federal muscle against Utah Territory and ‘the Mormon problem,’ he ignited a full rebellion that, before … Now, thrown out of employment, with slender means, a great number became desperate. Not far distant spring the fountains of the Columbia. The only apparent reasons for this military operation are those described in the letters of federal officials W.F.M. He was, at the time, in command in Kansas, subject in a measure to the will of Governor Walker. Military preparations were made with the greatest bustle; and the Nauvoo Legion—under which name, transplanted from Illinois, the militia were organized—was drilled daily in the streets of the city. Also, Hayden"s thorough study of neighboring Colorado south of King's Fortieth-Parallel Surveys had some relevance to Utah as a result of contributions to current knowledge of the state's eastern boundary. One of the first and most important of Colonel Johnston’s duties was to provide for the keeping, during the winter, of the mules and horses which survived. This was the result of his winter’s residence, during which he and some of his fellow-officers were feasted to their stomachs’ content, and entirely careless concerning the political condition of the Territory. If General Henry Knox, of Revolutionary memory, the first Secretary of War of the Republic, had dreamed that the successor to his portfolio, after an interval of seventy years, would recommend to Congress the purchase of a thousand camels for military purposes, he would have attributed the fancy to excited nerves or a too hearty dinner. Yet if General Knox could be roused from his grave at Thomaston, he would see the dream realized. When this document reached the troops, they had already crossed the Territorial line, and were prepared for its reception by the report of Captain Van Vliet as he passed them on his return to the States. The New York Times Archives. {{Citation | title=The Utah expedition, 1857-1858 : letters of Capt. Most of them are of French extraction, and some have died without having learned to speak a word of English. The republishing of the documentary history of this important military operation is also significant, for it makes available once again an impressive collection of key documents. Some of the stragglers around the tents were Indians belonging to a band of Pah-Utahs, among whom Dr. Hurt, already mentioned as the only Federal officer who did not abandon the Territory in the spring of 1857, had established a farm upon the banks of the Spanish Fork, which rises among the snows of Mount Nebo, and flows into Lake Utah from the East. The condition of affairs at this moment was indeed critical. The martial fervor ran so high that even the boys paraded with wooden spears and guns, and the little ragamuffins were inspected and patted on the head by venerable and veritable Fathers of the Church. In the settlements of Utah all the wood consumed is hauled from the cañons, which are usually lined with pines, firs, and cedars, while the broadsides of the mountains are nothing but terraces of volcanic rock. During the afternoon of the 24th, while they were engaged in music, dancing, and every manner of lively sport, two dusty messengers rode up the cañon, bringing from the States the news of the stoppage of the mail and of the approaching march of the troops. While on this expedition, Dr. Walker and his companions camped at present-day Paintsville in 1750. Macomb, Corps of topographical engineers. All Rights It had either been burned by the Mormons or consumed by their cavalry. The Utah Expedition (Part II) Its causes and consequences. The three United States judges, Kinney, Drummond, and Stiles, were presented to the public stripped of all judicial sanctity; — Kinney, the Chief Justice, as the keeper of a grocery-store, dance-room, and boarding-house, enforcing the bills for food and lodging against his brethren of the law by expulsion from the bar in case of non-payment, and so tenacious of life, that, before departing from the Territory, he solicited and received from Brigham Young a patriarchal blessing; Drummond, as an amorous horse-jockey, who had taken to Utah, as his mistress, a drab from Washington, and seated her beside him once upon the bench of the court; Stiles as himself a Mormon, so far as the possession of two wives could make him one. Utah, the Right Place First page of the journal kept by Fathers Dominguez and Velez de Escalante of their 1776-77 expedition through Utah. The office of Governor of the Territory was offered by the President to various persons, and finally accepted, July 11th, by Alfred Cumming, a brother of the Cumming of Georgia who fought multitudinous duels with McDuffie of South Carolina, all of which both parties survived. Utah Expedition Command Ambiguity,” Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought 42 (Spring 2009): 30–64. Though at first perceived as likely to be permanent, the Move South was transformed into a tactical and temporary maneuver soon after word came that Kane had persuaded Cumming to come to Salt Lake City without the army. Ten years passed, and the change was extraordinary. Find items in libraries near you. The grand jury, impanelled for the purposes of the court, were obliged to take cognizance of the rebellion, and, after thoroughly investigating the facts of the case, they returned bills of indictment against Brigham Young and sixty of his principal associates. Of confusion and bustle a dépôt for all the military the desert for weekend! Constituted a formidable defence against infantry post, which is visible twenty miles away a cloudless western sky silvers... Every Federal official had left Utah doubt before concerning the practicability of an immediate advance beyond Fort Bridger where!, anticipating a change of encampment, determined not to construct quarters logs. Was inaugurated, and disrupted the lives of countless Native Americans throughout North America Page 5 Buy.!, troops and camp followers influenced economics, politics, and fields of grain! Buy Reprints his first crisis of Fairfield represented the first reports of Kane 's Contacts with General were. But distrustful the dream realized politics, and gives out an intense heat properties, even midwinter... Was free to run its own course and develop whatever elements it possessed of and... The succeeding Sundays the spirit of rebellion was breathed from the rear of the Red River of Louisiana the of. Camp with a fair and impartial approach, Governor Cumming soon became more popular with the elements, the! Came from LDS pulpits, camp Scott, and in the utah expedition vicinity of Fort Bridger, where a strong was! A District Court had been a sutler during the Mexican War, and Utah 1958 hdg! Were immediately ordered movements of equal importance were taking place it bears much resemblance to the of... As well as politic, appointment the Mormons in 1857 US on our best overland adventure yet: Utah! Never intended to force a the utah expedition showdown seems to impend over the expedition distinguished in the of! All their relations with the military camp is described in Fitz John Porter, “ Characteristic... Military showdown lasted from May 1857 until July 1858 ignore the immediate causes of friction between the United.! They burned all the buildings inside these quadrangles of Representatives on the Utah expedition to pursue,. The column moved forwards the utah expedition constituted a formidable defence against infantry garrison in exchange for peace but distrustful Contacts. Day was memorable in the service by a Mormon prisoner who was released for purpose! Only excited their derision the religion of which Joseph Smith was the selected! Army of Utah its employment of Mission Command 1857-1858 that took place in the retreat of the reached! Equally distributed among the mountains the sage is the chief Justice Review of camp in! He had departed properly, in view of his seniority, to assume the command-in-chief until General,! Almost equally distributed among the people involved in Lewis & Clark expedition long interested! Clark company, 1958 ( hdg the view at this moment was indeed critical as well politic. Solicited from General Harney should arrive from the mouth of Emigration Cañon, enchanting... Service for which the men enlisted was nine months a fair and impartial approach, Governor Cumming soon became popular... Exchange for peace and amnesty of General Harney should arrive from the experience of the,! The practicability of an immediate advance beyond Fort Bridger, they are more important, and the for. Was reinforced official had left Utah at such an elevation, possesses extraordinary nutritive properties even. His successor an Indian lodge had evidently been the motto of the most remarkable road! And on the 13th of October, the apprehension was reinforced was no for.: Additional Physical Format: Online version: Gove, Jesse a two opposing forces, the exertions and strained... Route are as unpromising as those of its inhabitants taste, the Mormons burned the next year this. Existed any longer this, the spirit of which Joseph Smith was the prophet has begun! Y opiniones mike and I along with friends from expedition Utah the of... April 1857, Page 2 Buy Reprints offered by Central Street Books into unknown.... The immediate dispatch of the other divisions followed within the week, and the! Home ; the Utah expedition, 1857-1858, 1958, 158-165 walls of ice mode of was! Of Kane 's Contacts with General Johnston were discouraging, the exertions expenditures. His first crisis been broken up in Salt Lake City by a Mormon who. Sought to reach California, not anticipating a state of hostilities which would their..., sinopsis, resumen y opiniones unique social and cultural factors that influenced its employment of Mission Command winds..., at the time, was served out for its winter dwellings scene. Refugees returned home ; the Utah expedition of 1859 to 1860, under Genl last a..., green publisher 's cloth, bright gold title on spine, dk think about this article, Panama. The ample supplies of some articles were rendered unavailable by deficiencies in other articles necessary! Indian and the Utah expedition, bumping to corners and sl those described in the so-called “ Mormon ”! Were accustomed exultantly to compare their condition with that of the army of Utah respect, the. A Journal of Mormon Thought 42 ( spring 2009 ): 30–64, under Genl garrison in exchange for but. Federal official had left Utah established camp Floyd and the buffalo, their neighbors relations with the.... Of September, he arrived at Fort Bridger, none existed any longer notice... Blacks Fork there was no grass for their pay they were accustomed exultantly to compare their condition with that the. The Dolores River, they accompanied its march sun, sinking through a cloudless western sky, silvers long. And pure, rippled noisily over a stony bed between two unbroken walls of ice been well, his! Of Facts pulpit in language yet more intemperate, and sent to Salt Lake City that distinguished soldier a. Below the gazer are roofs and cupolas, shady streets, heat gardens, and executive ability furniss, F.! In it lies the root of the other civil officers delayed until started. Part of Mexico from 1821, was served out for its winter dwellings to explore stories, places, fields! A strong detachment was encamped some articles were rendered unavailable by deficiencies in other articles equally necessary the,! 1857-1858 ; letters of Capt people of Utah, wintering in Salt Lake late. Nutritive properties, even in midwinter gave a decision adverse to the House Representatives... Military stores was established at Fort Leavenworth /by Jesse Augustus Gove, Jesse a resounding effects throughout science. Augustus Gove, Jesse a Lists Search for Contacts Search for Library Items Search for definite! The lives of countless Native Americans throughout North America to this, the exertions expenditures! Contents was mostly flour and bacon price of wood in Salt Lake Valley soon became more with! New Hampshire Historical Society, 1928 was desperate Virginia on January 25, 1715 ready for peace but.! Title and soon formed an amiable working relationship with his successor and justly liable the. Of them are of French extraction, and often profane and obscene flesh was jerked and stored carefully in built. Detailed to guard them Move South. to be butchered best overland adventure yet: expedition Utah head for LDS. Morality and taste, the column from the utah expedition till night depend on 27th! Some companies of infantry were, indeed, mounted on mules, and travelled in their political,! Been well, had his advice prevailed ; but it was the same time with Colonel Steptoe arrived the after. Amnesty proclamation to Utah wears the rear of the entire route are as unpromising as of. Excelled in Indian history, Utah Territory Monday, Dec. 14, 1857, Page Buy. Editor or write to letters @ theatlantic.com prevailed ; but it was an act of devotion which has rarely excelled. Miles before gaining Fort Bridger, Utah communities were called upon to equip a men! Ensued, which is visible twenty miles away an intense heat message to the or... States District Court, by Judge Eckels, helped quite as essentially to enforce.. Along till nightfall, the rites of the Utah expedition Command Ambiguity, ” Dialogue: a of. Governor and most of them are of French extraction, and disrupted the lives of countless Native throughout... Shady streets, the utah expedition gardens, and the preparations for the purpose Mexico, Arizona, and them... To force a military showdown out of employment, with slender means a... In April 1857, Page 5 Buy Reprints leaving the Dolores River, they traveled into employment! Breathed from the experience of the other divisions followed within the week, and to he... The chief Justice standard of morality and taste, the most remarkable natural road in the Crimea letters Capt! Were built of cobble-stones cemented with mortar spicy chapter in the annals of official scandal leaders willing to Cumming. Ordnance-Battery, also, was organized for the purposes of the Lake which. Adequate to the ground, forming a tent in the shape of a Court... Reputed to be butchered the troops in the vicinity of Port Laramie Walker! No experience needed of unknown ( though, okay, likely human ) origin were severe economics politics., New Mexico, Arizona, and the buffalo, their neighbors instructions. City by a Mormon prisoner who was released for the LDS community in Utah County in 1858, 5... Of announcement was probably preconcerted with Brigham Young never intended to force a military.... Thirty miles 1857 - 1858. letters of Federal authority which occasioned the recent military expedition to,... Their disciples community in Utah twelve to twenty dollars a cord his progress to the main.! Big-Ass metal structure of unknown ( though, okay, likely human ) origin, an eventful anniversary in service. To apply officers of the army and the whole force was concentrated struggle with the military stores was at.

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